Gunman Enters Police Station Shooting

On my visits to observe student teachers in most urban areas I am compelled to go through a metal detector as are all students. If I try to get on a plane, not only do they make me go through the metal detector, but they take films of my body. Heck, if I try to pay my income tax the IRS building requires that I undergo an inspection in order to make certain a nut case will not enter with guns blazing because he doesn’t like the IRS. But, in the city of Detroit, anyone can walk into a police station without being checked in order to make certain they do not carry weapons. Yesterday, a local nut case entered a police station, whipped out his revolver and began blasting away. By the time he finished four policemen were wounded and the man was killed. Police Chief Ralph Godbee says, “we have a number of officers who are shaken up.”

Perhaps, the understatement of the year was the police chief’s comment about security. “We have to take a step back and look at security at our facilities.” Gee, how did you figure that one out?