Guns Blazing In Colorado

I assume it is the belief of those residing in the state of Colorado that when they reach the pearly gates of Heaven, if they do make it that far, no one will dare to demand their weapons prior to entering. The National Rifle Association forced the recall of two Democratic members of the state legislature because they are guilty of the crime of the century. They voted to impose background checks on those seeking to purchase weapons from a private dealer. They also limited aammunition magazines to 15 rounds. These “restrictions” apparently to some citizens in the state of Colorado are the first step on the road to ending freedom in the United States of America.

Rural Colorado has spoken. A large number of people in this state are determined to fight for the right of murderers to murder. For some, upholding gun rights is the only way to protect the people of Colorado. There is nothing to say except, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?