Guns For Egypt

It would be interesting if the president of the United States or the Secretary of State could clearly explain the nation’s foreign policy toward Egypt. We temporarily suspended sending arms to the Egyptian armed forces, but eventually these guns and planes and tanks and so forth were on their way to Egypt. It is clear that US policy wants a strong Egyptian army in place to handle the militants the Egyptian army has created. General Sisi insists the people of Egypt want him to be their president. And, to make clear what he would do if elected the current government led by Sisi just negotiated a $2 billion contract to purchase arms from Russia–all paid for by the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Over half the population of Egypt lacks any jobs that enable the individual to live a decent life. Production is stagnant, bright young Egyptians head for other nations once they have acquired technological skills since there is no place for such people in modern Egypt which spends on the military while the economy goes down and down. Yes, there are Islamic militants, they are killing in the Sinai region and soon will accelerate murder and mayhem in Cairo. Oh, that would definitely be evidence of the need for more arms and dear old Saudi Arabia would pay for them.