Guns For Hire In Arizona

There are states which boast educational accomplishments of their children, there are states which are proud of their economic development, there are states which are proud of their low unemployment figure, and there are states such as Arizona which are proud to have a state gun. Oh, a few months ago, one of their Congresswomen, Gabrielle Giffords got gunned down, but what the heck, as long ast he gun man used a state gun, that’s all that counts. Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a landmark piece of legislation that gives Arizona an official state firearm. The Colt Single Action Revolver is now officially the state gun. So, if you intend to rob a bank or kill a person, please make certain the Cold Single Action Revolver is your choice of weapon. According to the state law, any murder committed with an official weapon results in a 20% reduction in the length of the sentence. Of course, there is one dark side to this event, earlier this year Utah became the first state to make a firearm its official weapon. We all can not be first on the block with the latest important decision.

Unfortunately for Jared Lee Loughner, he used a Glock gun, and since he failed to adhere to the high standards of Arizona in selecting a weapon to use in a crime, the result will be to add on another five years to his sentence. Oh, there are some complaints from sore head Navajo Indians who complain the Colt gun was used to kill their ancestors, but, after all they are just a bunch of injuns.