Guns For Kids!

We wish to announce the formation of a new Foundation which will employ this blog in order to further its work for peace in the world. The new Guns For Kids Foundation seeks to provide each and every newborn baby with a gift handgun, and upon attainment of their fifth birthday, they will receive a Uzi submachine gun. Guns For Kids believes that each child needs knowledge on how to fire weapons, after all, what if a nine month child is molested? If they had within the crib a child size handgun, then the predator could be shot. Imagine if a kindergarten child has her crayons stolen by some first grade criminal? If she had her own Uzi submachine gun, such criminal behavior would soon end, and the criminal sent to an early grave. Guns For Kids makes no distinction upon race, creed or sex. We seek to arm American children in order to ensure that peace reigns in our beloved nation.

Guns for Kids will also end adult violence toward kids. Tell me I have to be home by 10:00 p.m? Now,that threat allows me to respond with a bullet in the brain. Oh, I checked with Supreme Court Justice Scalia and was informed our Founding Fathers strongly believed in the ideas of Guns for Kids! That is why hey referred to a “well armed Militia.” Everyone knows they wanted youth to become the militia.