Guns Forever

It is now clear to the American people that God in giving  Moses the Ten Commandments forgot to include the 11th one. Thou shall not take away the assault rifle from His children and thou shall always allow those from age 2 to 100 full access to weapons of mass destruction. Of course, this does not include those of the Muslim faith who shall be forbidden to possess weapons that might hurt those of the Christian and Jewish faiths. If you do not believe those were the words of our Lord, just check the small print on the Ten Commandments. Once again there are efforts in Congress to restrict access to assault weapons and once again Republicans insist such restrictions will not prevent gun violence.

There is something bizarre about this argument. If restrictions will not prevent murder and violence, this means NOT doing anything also will not prevent murder and violence. It goes both ways. But it is the policy of the Republican party that doing nothing ensures nothing will be done to reduce violence.

  • Michiganforever

    This is funny. However, on a serious note, jews shouldn’t own weapons either. American Forever. Only patriotic Americans. Jews and Muslims with guns? Oh boy! I don’t need any terrorists or money-collecting sheenies armed with weapons! The Second Amendment was created so we Americans can defend ourselves from such scum!

  • Drake_Burrwood

    Why do I object to gun banning.. Because gun control, KILLs.
    We believe the bill of rights protects but gives no rights whether you want to call it God-given or Natural-law makes little never mind.
    I don’t care if you are a Muslims, Wiccan, heck even a card carrying member of the Church of Satan. I don’t even care if you are an illegal immigrant natural law says you can keep and bear personal arms in defense of yourself, kin, kith, neighbors, Denied Rights and at the call of civil authorities the City [posse comitatus], State, and Country.