Guns Galore

Among the great lies  propagated by Republicans is that Hillary Clinton wants to take away YOUR GUNS!  Wow. Once she becomes president, hordes of black shirted police will enter each and every American home, search thoroughly,and then seize any  gun found, and take them away from crying children and heart broken women and men. According to the Republican mantra, we  need our guns in order to protect ourselves from the hordes of Hispanic rapists and murderers who roam the streets of America.

Three  percent of all Americans own fifty percent of all the guns in this land. Actually, the vast majority of Americans do NOT own a gun. Crooked Hillary wants to have background checks on those who purchase guns. Wow! What next,  not allow children to own guns? Actually, each year about 300 children shoot someone–accidentally. So, how about laws that do not allow anyone but the owner of a gun to use it? It would save the lives of a lot of kids.