Several cities in America have launched “buy back gun”programs which are designed to purchase guns in home that are not being used. It is a safety program that hopes to get guns out of homes and prevent accidents. Members of the NRA are infuriated. Imagine purchasing guns from people and then burning them! As I watched these horrible films of our beloved guns being burned to a crisp, my heart gets sick and I feel remorse. A beautiful gun destroyed, a gun having its life taken away from it. A gun that will never have an opportunity to be used and kill someone!

I believe we need a new law that prevents destruction of innocent guns which are still in their infancy. To kill a gun is akin to killing a child. Save the Children! Prevent a new form of Abortion-destruction of innocent baby guns!

At this time of Easter, I know that Jesus Christ would support the program of “Saving Innocent Guns” from death!