Guns Go Ballistic!

Just about every day I encounter a story in which someone got hurt or killed by a gun.Statistically, each week a few dozen people get shot by relatives including their own children. In fact, at least one time each week some child shoots another child. Rent Gorda decided to attend a seminar about how to be careful with guns. She was asked to  participate in an exercise on how to avoid getting hurt if someone wanted to shoot her. Unfortunately, the cop conducting the session blasted away and killed her.

How about:

Seminars in how to shoot a cop who is trying to shoot you?

Seminars on making certain the gun you gave your six year old lacks bullets.

Then again, if you want to get rid of your spouse, give the kid a loaded gun and make certain your wife is the target. Just another “accidental killing.”

Some kids do not getting an “F” grade. How about a seminar in how to ensure you always get an “A”grade in the class of Mr. Sawyer?

I so wish officers of the NRA conducted a seminar on how to end the  power of the NRA. Not that I am suggesting anything.