Guns, Guns, My Kingdom For A Gun

The United States Supreme Court in its now expected 5-4 vote, upheld the right of individuals to carry their throughout the land regardless of any state or local attempt to impose some guidelines on who can own a gun. As Justice Alioto argues, it’s the 2nd Amendment and no one can argue with that document. I believe the Court is now ready to protect the rights of ALL Americans to carry their guns anywhere. I believe each student attending school has the right to carry a weapon, and if their teacher is one of those damn liberals who insults God fearing Americans who believe in Creationism, then the student has at least the right to fire a warning shot across the chest of the teacher. Then again, if we can carry guns, why not knives and hand grenades? Why can’t a God Fearing American enter a bank, wave his grenade in the direction of a bank teller and if that kind soul wishes to drop a few dollars in his direction, mark it down to the 2nd Amendment.

We have yet to take the next step in fortifying our second Amendment rights. The next time I go to the doctor I intend to bring a revolver and if not satisfied, claim the right of self defense and kill the bastard for not curing my cancer. Of course, if some damn liberal minister or rabbi or priest continues with their sermons I have every right to show them my weapon in the church and request they change the sermon. It is my 2nd Amendment right!