Guns In Alabama

Conservatives and gun loving Americans believe they must possess a gun in order to protect themselves against “the government.” The NRA claims making compulsory background checks is the first step on the road to serfdom and the end of American liberty. Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65 year old retired truck driver, wanders the land on which sits his home with a shotgun, ready to fire on anyone daring to step foot on HIS land. Two days ago, he boarded a school bus, killed its driver and grabbeda  six year old boy who currently is his hostage in an underground bunker he built as a safe area against “the government.”

As a neighbor commented, “He’s against the government -starting with Obama down.” This attitude that President Obama seeks to take away guns was circulated by the NRA, Fox News and other right wing idiots. Is it any wonder that a deranged man came to believe he had to protect himself against “the government?”

How  about  sending a delegation of Congressmen to the bunker in exchange fo the boy? Let them experience proof why a background check is needed.