Guns In Milwaukee

It is always the same pattern. People are engaged in a peaceful activity such as going to the movies or praying in a temple of worship when the gunman arrives laden with weapons of destruction. He usually is dressed in black, has pockets laden with ammunition, carries an automatic gun, and enters to blast away at the innocent. We do not as yet know the name of a Sikh veteran of the US armed forces. All we know is that he strode into a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, a small town south of Milwaukee.

He entered. He began firing and before police arrived six people were dead. Most in the Temple dove under the seats trying to protect loved ones. But, they live in the United States of America where anyone can possess an automatic weapon of death. It is their Constitutional right –to kill.

Little is known about the shooter. He had tattoes on his arm. He supposedly was a white supremacists. Most probably, he was a member of the National Rifle Association. Every time these murderers kill, it is more blood on the hands of the NRA.