I recall vividly in the aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent murders of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, there was a public outcry to control the use of weapons. Alas, the NRA swung into action and its gun sights on any congressman foolish enough to utter such words. Within a few years, any notion of having sensible gun laws in this country ended. Today, any nut case can get a gun, because it is his “right.” Last year Sarah Palin published an ad which identified twenty Democratic congressmen in the cross hairs of a gunsight along with words: “We’ve diagnosed the problem” and suggested solving it. At the time, Cong. Giffords responsed: “Sarah Palin has the cross hairs of a gunsight over our district and when people do that, there are consequences to that action.”

Giffords opponent, former Marine Jesse Kelly held a rally last June. He told people: “Get on target for Victory. Shoot a fully automated M-16 with Jesse Kelly.”

Sick minded people like Jesse Kelly and Sarah Palin and the rest of gun lovers will not accept reasonable laws. They believe people have the right to attend a rally for the president fully armed. Combine easy access to weapons with rhetoric of violence and one has the recipe for murder.