Guns Of August Fire Away

The guns of August continue blasting away at members of the Syrian Free Army and thousands of innocent civilians trapped in a battle that goes on and on. Dr. Habib, along with dozens of other members of the medical profession tend to the wounded who arrive at the clinic with shrapnel wounds or bullets lodged in their bodies. They were in homes when suddenly they felt the shock of a rocket or artillery piece exploding in their midst.

Members of the Syrian Free Army insist they control 70% of Aleppo and will not be driven out even though helicopters blast away and artillery never cease sending shells in their direction. The area contains many Sunni villages along with some Alawite. The Syrian army locates its weapons of mass destruction in Alawite villages.

There will be a cost to Alawites for being under protection of the Syrian army. There will be a consequence for being an Alawite who supports the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Today, Sunni bodies pile up in clinics. But, tomorrow when Assad is sent flying to Russia or Iran or China, those in Alawite villages will remain to confront a furious Sunni Syrian armed force.

Death of the innocent is the only outcome of such fighting.