Guns Of Hollywood To Rescue!

Since the end of World War II, a high percent of American youth has been allowed to opt out of service to their country. They declaim and declare their bravery on Facebook or some Internet site which allows anyone to pose as a hero. NBC has decided to prove that anyone can become a hero. It’s new Reality show,”Stars Earn Stripes” allows a media star to pose as a hero in some physical situation. Supposedly, being dropped into the Hudson River from a helicopter is akin to being dropped into Baghdad during a fire attack by militants. Heroic men like Todd Palin, who is not afraid to confront an unarmed bear while only having in his possesion and automatic weapon of war, is among those involved in the new show. According to NBC, “the show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of  service.”

We suggest these media heroes be allowed to confront real bullets and real bombs. How about dropping them into Afghanistan where Todd can show US Marines the right way to fight the Taliban?