Guns Of July Roar

The guns of July roared in Aurora, Colorado as once again a white male expressed his anger or hate or fatigue by unleashing weapons of destruction upon the innocent.  President Obama expressed sorrow of the nation, he urged prayer and remembrance of those who died. The media has a wonderful opportunity to write articles or show videos of death and destruction. Once again, a white angry male was agent of death.

Of course, from the perspective of the National Rifle Association it would violate the 2nd Amendment rights of Holmes to deny him the right to bring weapons into a theater. After all, the NRA believes we have constitutional rights to bring guns into schools, churches, department stores and wherever. Of course, no one will demand tighter gun laws. I am certain the NRA will demand increased rights to carry weapons by kindergarten children, it says so in the Constitution!

America has become a sick society in which the NRA calls the shots as to who can fire the shots.