Guns Of October

The guns of October blast away in Gaza as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasts of building new settlement homes on the West Bank. Rockets fly, Israel planes target militant  “evildoers” and the people of Israel tell the world of their desire to end voting rights for fellow Israel citizens who are not Jewish. Nations  like Turkey which once were allies of Israel have departed in anger because the Israel government refuses to compromise on the West Bank and agree to peace with fellow inhabitants of the region.

We witness rockets and bombs and people convinced they alone possess the “truth.” More will die in Gaza, some may even deserve  to die, but the killers do not have clean hands. The people of Palestine cry out for peace, and receive not a piece of land for their offers of peace. Some may say, “do not trust Arabs,” but what does one say to Jews who do not want Arabs living on their street, who want preference for Jews to get jobs and insist Arab children should not sit in a class with Jews.

My mother was born in Poland in 1901. She went to school where JEWS sat in the back of the room. Thank God she is not alive to witness the current generation of Israel “Jews?”