Guns Of Summer Blast Syria

During the past several decades militant Muslim groups attacked Israel or engaged in hijacking against European planes. Many in the Middle East greeted these attacks with joy at the oppressor being defeated. Today in Syria President Bashar Al-Assad has unleashed  terror against his own people. It was  simply a matter of time before his opponents openly engaged in militant attacks. Yesterday, a group of Assad opponents attacked a private TV station that supports the government. At least seven employees were killed, others kidnapped and buildings blown up.

We are witnessing the initial stages of a long term guerrilla warfare campaign against Assad. There will be suicide bombings, innocent civilians killed while sitting in a restaurant, kidnappings, and roadside bombs. Gaze south to Iraq if one wants to see Syria, circa, 2013.

The ides of July will soon be upon us with death and destruction as its messengers of hate.