Guns On Texas College Campuses –OK

There are some fuzzy minded LIBERAL professors and administrators who simply lack trust in the ability of Texas youth to function as intelligent people. There are some foolish people who believe a college campus must be a safe environment for open debate without fear of violence on the part of those who disagree with views. The Republican controlled state legislature is set to pass legislation which allows students and teachers to carry concealed weapons in classrooms. A basic argument of supporters is that if every person in the classroom carried a weapon when a deranged person tried to kill anyone, the entire class could blast away and kill him. Oh, there might be the possibility during this exchange of gunfire an innocent person would die, but collateral damage is simply part of life. Rep Joe Driver insists the purpose is to “allow students to protect themselves.” As one who has studied school shootings a review of the past hundred years reveals fewer than 100 people have died in schools. But, what the heck, a Texas man is not a man unless he can protect himself. Of course, in giving him the right of defense, we have given killers the right of offense.

A student, Mickey Gressman pointed out, “one wrong word could set off a temper.” As one who has taught 12,000 students, I assume a few might possibly react to an F grade with a gun. This entire episode merely exemplifies how NRA folk simply are gunning for more guns everywhere. I await the next Texas law which provides each baby born in the state his or her own gun the moment of breathing.