Guns Over Butter

The Republican Party in the House of Representatives is committed to reducing government spending and that is why it passed a bill for our armed forces that is at the level of $638 billion. In other words, although the US has exited Iraq, and is in the process of departing from Afghanistan the end result is we must spend MORE money on our armed forces and simply lack funds for child care or education. After all, the US needs more tanks and  fast jet planes in case we have to confront the famous Albanian air force or confront the tank corps of Syria. Billions for defense but not one cent for health care or Head Start. Along with the process of reducing government spending for rebuilding our infrastructure or needs of the poor, the House of Representatives refuses to close down Guantanamo Bay prison in order to prevent criminals from coming to America.

Latest polls indicate that less than 10% of Americans have any trust that Congress displays any interest in their needs for a more  just society. These people simply inhabit their own little world and Superman will not be available this summer to restore peace and prosperity to the nation.