“Guns Save Lives”

Another day in America, people are marching in streets holding aloft signs that read:”Guns Save Lives.” They are happy, they are joyous at the sight of their rifle and their assault guns gleaming in the sunlight. No longer can the evil empire of government forbid them to blast away at enemies lurking in dark shawdows. Just outside Reno, Nevada, a 12 year old boy had taken dad’s gun in order to do something with it at school. He walked into the school yesterday morning, took out his revolver and began to blast away at his fellow students. Two were wounded. A teacher, Michael Landberry, approached the boy, attempted to calm him down when the boy fired and the teacher dropped to the ground. Other shots rang out and the boy fell to the ground, dead.

The teacher had served in Afghanistanan and survived. However, returning to the land of NRA, he died. Hold aloft your weapons of death and more will die. Just another day in gun crazy America.