Guns Save Lives

This December 14th marks the one year anniversary since a young boy entered an elementary school in Connecticut and gunned down over 20 people including children. Ordinarily, one would show some respect to the families of those who died, but this is the United States of America which contains untold millions who regard themselves as still living in a country where those on the frontier fear attacks from Indians. A group of nut cases will commemorate the day of mourning with a demonstration to prove that “Guns Save People.” They wish to prove that if only kindergarten teachers were armed then no child would have died. Each year in the United States about 30,000 die at the hands of guns. We Americans lead the world in two categories–how many get killed with guns and how many are obese.

Enough has been written about guns and death so there is nothing left to say. Who can express a new idea? I can not. If one believes that more and more guns will reduce death, there is nothing that will ever change the mind of a gun lover. They reside in another world and will die in that other world convinced that if only they had a gun, cancer would have been defeated. God Bless your guns.