Gunther Grass Denounced As Anti-Semite

Gunther Grass,  Nobel laureate, has always been  a controversial individual. He repeatedly has attacked governments in his own Germany for failing to adhere to liberal  standards of conduct. He shocked the world a few years ago by revelaing that during WWII he did serve in the notorious Waffen SS. Of course, he was a teen ager at that time. Grass openly attacked the current Israel government for harboring plans to launch a nuclear attack on Iran. Grass expressed fears that such action “could wipe out the Iranian people.”

He admitted his fear of openly criticising the Israel government because he had participated in the Nazi “incomparable crimes” against the Jewish people.  However, he now feels “I will be silent no longer  because I am sick of he hypocrisy of the West.” Grass is particularly upset that Germany has sold Israel a sixth nuclear capable Dolphin-class submarine.

German Jewish columnist Henryk Broder accuses  Grass of being the “prototype of the educated anti-Semitist.” Gunther Grass expressed an idea that is held by many Jews who fear that Israel could create a disaster in the Middle East by attacking Iran. A similar view has been stated by the past two heads of the Mossad. I find disturbing that Mr. Broder resorts to insults and smears rather than addressing the arguments of Grass. If Mr. Broder, or anyone, disagrees with Gunther Grass attack his ideas and leave out the “anti-Semite ploy.” Resorting to anti-Semitism is simply an excuse to avoid arguing intellectually and displaying  emotional feelings.

The issue of attacking Iran can be argued either way. No more anti-Semitism arguments!