Guys–Smooth Talk Can Be Rape In Israel!

One day she went shopping and ran into a guy on his motorcycle. The chatted, and one thing led to another. He took her out on dates, and, like a normal guy fed her the line about how she was gorgeous and he wanted to marry her. Shabbar Kushur did not tell the Jewish woman that he was a Mulsim, but he told her of his undying love for her body and soul. They wound up in bed, had sex, and then she discovered that Shabbar was not the nice Jewish boy her parents told to date, but one of those infidel–Muslims! Shabbar was arrested, put on trial for rape even though the woman had consented to having sex with him, and sentenced to a jail term. The Israeli judge introduced a new concept into the world of dating by arguing Shabbar had lied to her and therefore the sexual act was rape. “If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship she would not have cooperated.” According to the Judge, “the court is obligated to protect the public interest from sophisticated smooth tongued criminals who can deceive victims.”

Based on comments by the judge, there are a few billion rapists wandering the world. How many guys, at this very moment, are using smooth talk to get a girl into bed by proclaiming their eternal love for her and hope of marrying the young woman? This is ridiculous. I guess from now on in Israel they will hire “rape-prevention police” who will accompany all single women on their dates and record what the man says to her. My question is: do the men get told: “anything you say may be held against you in a court of law?”