Hagel, Friend Of Hamas!

These days it does not pay to fool around with conservative Tea Party folk because the wrong joke at the wrong time can lead to the wrong outcomes in your life. Republican Senators for weeks have been attempting to prove that Chuck Hagel was a friend of terrorists. Finally, they uncovered evidence to support this allegation. A Republican was informed by a New York Daily News correspondent that Hagel had given speeches to the Junior League of Hezbollah and to the Friends of Hamas. This quickly spread through the conservative network of true Americans. Finally, they had proof of Hagel’s friendship with terrorism.

Oops, it turns out that Dan Friedman, the reporter was cracking a joke. He was teasing his Republican source by making up a crazy story that Hagel was connected to Hezbollah and Hamas. Only in the Republican party can anyone believe that a man who risked his life in Vietnam, was really a secret agent of the Vietcong. Hey, I can make up stories!