Hagel-It’s Personal!

The Republican assault on former senator Chuck Hagel is a combination of scoring points on President Obama and getting revenge against a Republican who opposed the war in Iraq. Some are furious because Hagel had the foresight to know the  invasion was a blatant mistake  and now it is revenge to get the man who made fools of idiots in both parties. John McCain is also angry because Hagel did not swoon in admiration over General Petraeus and his famous “surge.” Two new books dealing with the surge emphasize the best Petraeus could do was “lessen”violence, not end it. And, most new studies note the importance of Sunni Awakening Councils as the cause of lowering violence, more so than the surge.

Reality is if President Obama had nominated John McCain, Republican wolves would have been after his blood. How come he allowed himself to get shot down in Vietnam? Was he really a Viet Cong spy? And, Lindsay Graham would have demanded to know what Richard Nixon was doing while American soldiers died in Vietnam.