Hagel Rules

Chuck Hagel fought in Vietnam, earned some medals and proved that he was a patriotic American. He returned home, became a successful businessman and went on to serve in the United States Senate as a Republican. Then, he made some tragic mistakes. He decided that he could not support the presidential candidacy of his good friend, Senator John McCain, another Vietnam veteran. But, even worse he used the expression, “Jewish Lobby” –one used by numerous folk– and he made a snide remark  about gays ten years ago. However, the ultimate mistake he made was to urge focus on negotiation with Iran prior to any thought of military action and warned against supporting Israel desires for military action against Iran.

Republicans in the US Senate now demand that Hagel provide information as to the financial transactions of companies that he provided advice. Senator Carl Levin responded: “The Committee can not have two different sets of financial disclosure standards for nominees, one for Senator Hagel and one for other nominees.”

One can never underestimate the vicious attitudes of Republican members of the Senate.