Hail A Teacher

Ms. Susan Sluyter, a teacher for over twenty years in the Cambridge school system was engaged in the rewarding but difficult task of introducing kindergarten children into the morass that is known as modern education. Anyone who has taught, (I have been engaged in the teaching profession for over fifty years and have taught at every grade level from elementary to college) understands that stimulating critical and creative teaching requires a commitment to the child and the individual paths taken by children in the long voyage to become ann individual with an inquiring mind. Ms. Sluyter decided enough was enough and submitted her letter of resignation. We quote from a portion of this important document:

“I have watched as my job swung away from a focus on the children, their individual learning styles, and their individual families, interests and strengths to a focus on tests, assessing and scoring young children.” I began to feel a deep loss of my integrity.” She notes constant workshops taught by people who are NOT teaching kindergarten teachers. What she describers is NOT an issue of, conservative or liberal, it is the bureaucratic mind in control of how we educate children. Why should we be surprised when the Secretary of Education, a former basketball chum of President Obama, has NEVER TAUGHT CHILDREN! He wants to impose business standards upon the manner in which people teach and children learn.

We salute this wonderful woman and regret that people with her attitude are leaving the teaching profession.