Hair, Face, Veil, Dress And Other Evil Things In Life!

A few years ago I was teaching at a college in Brooklyn which had many students who came from either Muslim or conservative Jewish backgrounds. I soon discovered that fundamentalist Jewish and Muslim women were very similar in dress and comportment. I was walking down the corridor one day when two female students walked toward me. I extended my hand in greeting only to realize it was Sarah and Fatima, one wearing a headscarf and the other a veil so shaking my hand would have been shocking to either young lady. Jilbab, Niqab, Burqa, Chador, or what other name, but the end result is the same– some women desire to wear a head or face covering due to religious or cultural reasons and it upsets many men in the political world who regard such dress as a challenge to all they hold dear.

During the 1960s, men were physically attacked because their hair was too long or young boys and girls dressed in outlandish ways in order to antagonize society–which they did all too often. The French parliament is discussing a new law which would ban wearing a face covering in public with those guilty of this heinous offense being fined up to $1200. Why do people become so upset at nothing. Thirty years ago long hair was a sign of radicalism. Go to a Tea Party ranting session and you will see long haired men in this conservative group. A face is a face and a veil is a veil. Who gives a damn!