Hair Is OK

At some point during the 1960s, the issue of hair  became among the most important in human history. Political leaders, religious leaders, mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles assumed that if an individual wore long hair or a beard that is was the first step on the road to Hell. Of course, ancient wise  men wore bears, the  wearing of such a hair style was known and accepted among the people of Israel as well as of Egypt and most nations in the world. Thus, among the initial issues in the trial of Major Nidal Hassan, who shot  several soldiers at Fort Hood, was whether or not he could wear beard while standing trial for murder.

The initial judge hearing the case insisted that Hassan shave his beard and was willing to order it removed from the court becore the trial could proceed. A new judge, Col. Tara Osborn said it was completely unimportant to her whether he was clean-shaven or bearded. Now, that this important issue has been decided, on with the trial!