Hair Uncovered–It’s Hell For You!

A student group at Kuwait University which is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood issued a warning to shameless hussy females who wandered around the campus with hair that was not covered. The Etilafiyah student association is concerned with the health and welfare of their fellow female students. They issued a pamphlet which is written in the form of a letter to all women at the university. It states bluntly that any woman who does not wear the hijab is violating the Quran. Several Muslim experts of the Koran noted misquotes of Koran verses, but, what the heck, when one has the truth there is no need to be letter perfect about things. The pamphlet tells women without the hijab; “if you repeatedly beg for God’s mercy and assistance to no avail, it is because you-a woman without the hijab-are damned.” And, by “damned” it is clear they are headed down, not up!

I am not an expert of the Koran, heck, I have never read any but a few parts, but I often wonder how people who know the Koran or the Bible or any religious document which supposedly comes from God are 100% certain as to the meaning of something written hundreds of years ago. Me, I am a humble man. I don’t pretend to know what God or a Prophet or anyone really meant. But, it is my understanding that all great religious documents express the hope of peace and love.

P.S. If God is so concerned about hair being covered, why don’t man cover their hair?