Haka Dance, Not War Threat!

The American people are a nation of immigrants, but as the breadth and width of immigration continually expands, the end result is confusion. For some reason, a number of Polynesian men and women have migrated to the Mormon state of Utah. Some boys were playing on the local football team and they  lost a game. Being Polynesian, the end of any sporting activity is for the men to perform a Haka, a dance. So, Polynesian men went into the Haka, the police freaked out thinking some form of Muslim terrorism was being enacted. They pepper sprayed the men and created havoc.

Police admitted they were surprised by the dance. In truth, they did not have a clue as to the Haka or the Baka or whatever. As far as their knowledge of Polynesians is concerned, let us politely say police know as much about the Polynesian culture as Herman Cain knows about the US Constitution