Half A Man Charlie Sheen

I do not inhabit the world of media folk, I do not inhabit the world of money and fame, but Charlie Sheen is such an inhabitant. His show, “Two And A Half Men,”(which I have never seen and have no intention of ever viewing) earns this man at least $1.8 million an episode. For the rest of us who inhabit the world of work, stress at meeting bills, the thought of such money simply is not part of our daily thinking. But, Charlie Sheen is angry. He lashed out at Chuck Lorre, the producer and verbally assaulted the man whom he termed a “little maggot.” OK, “maggot” is not the worse insult, but Sheen just could not keep his mouth shut. He went on an interview show with Alex Jones and proceeded to refer to his “enemy” as “there’s something this side of deplorable that a certain Chaim Levine, yeah, that’s Chuck’s real name….” Ah, the Jew in the wood pile, if he is there then it is apparent the Jew is up to no good.

Charlie never knows when to shut up. He went on to state, “if you love with violence, and hate with violence, there’s nothing that can be questioned.” Sorry, Charlie, there is something that can be questioned, your intelligence, your dignity and your human qualities of love and respect for those who are different.