Hamas Accepts 1967 Palestinian Border

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashjaal said his organization recognizes the border of 1967 that describes the boundaries of a Palestinian state even though he refused to recognize the existence of Israel. Obviously, if the Palestinian state does not comprise the entire area then there must be another nation in the immediate presence. “There is a Palestinian document and in it all orgnizations say they agree to a state in the 1967 borders.” He apparently was citing the National Reconciliation Document which was signed by various Palestinian factions. Although the document calls for creation of a Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem it does not explicitly recognize the state of Israel.

Certainly, this is sufficient to engage Hamas in dialogue concerning the establishment of a Palestinian state. Obviously, one problem is the presence of Israel settlements on the West Bank which was supposed to be part of the 1967 Palestinian nation. Is the ball now in the court of Israel?