Hamas Agrees To Abide By Truce On West Bank

Hamas leaders in Gaza announced their intention of observing a halt to aggressive actions in the West Bank even though there is no such requirement as part of the new cease fire agreement. “Hamas will abide by the tahadiyah(period of calm) in the West Bank as long as Israel refrains from targeting our members there.” Hamas also noted that President Abbas has implemented a policy of arresting or closing down Hamas activities on the West Bank. It is apparent that Hamas will abide by the cease fire and only respond if there are provocative actions on the part of the Israel government.

This is a time for the Israel government to demonstrate real leadership by implementing policies that would show its willingness to be at peace with Palestinian groups. The first thing that must happen is to cease targeting Hamas leaders with violence because any such actions will end the cease fire. A second thing that must be done is to move away from the idea of bombing Iran because such an event would simply reawaken violence in every Palestinian area. Both sides need peace.

This is also a time for President Abbas to foster the idea of a “national dialogue” that leads to a unity government.