Hamas Agrees To Cede Border Control In Gaza

Amid continuing chaos in Gaza, Hamas has agreed to cede control over border crossing in Gaza. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh spoke as thousands of Gazans crossed over into Egypt following destruction of the wall by gunmen. They were seeking to purchase goods made scarce by the Israel blockade. Haniyeh called for “an urgent speecy meeing” in Egypt that could result in opening border crossings “on the basis of national participation.” This apparently means Hamas would work with the Palestinian Authority. President Abbas of the PA denounced the Hamas statement and insists Hamas return all control over Gaza to his authority.

Hamas has come to the realization they have created mass chaos in the Gaza area by acting with arrogance in their dealings not merely with the Palestinian Authority but with Israel. Hamas can cede control of border crossings to Egypt or the PA or whoever, but until they take control and halt Kassam rockets from hitting Israel, the situation will remain onerous for the people of Gaza. Syria is attempting to persuade the UN Security Council to denounce Israel for its actions in Gaza and, most probably, the US will veto the resolution. Perhaps, it is time for a UN force to enter Gaza and ensure an end to rocket attacks as well as assume control of border crossings.