Hamas And Israel Inch Toward Maintaining Agreement

Since the cease fire has been implemented in the Gaza area, rockets have been fired from within the Stripe which threaten to destroy the fragile agreement. Last week, Hamas insisted it would not serve as a “policeman” for Israel in order to enforce the cease fire, but apparently wiser heads have decided the truce will collapse unless Hamas exerts its leadership. Mamoud Zahar, a senior Hamas official, made clear to the Islamist Jihad they had to end the rocket attacks. “We have reached an agreement with Islamist Jihad,” he said, “that anyone, even if he’s from Hamas would be arrested and disarmed if he violates the agreement.”

He also noted that several extremists connected with Fatah have been arrested on suspicion they were planning to undermine the cease fire. Israel decided to allow 80 trucks loaded with supplies to enter Gaza. Now, if everyone can hold off shooting, the cease fire might actually produce peaceful results.