Hamas Divided By Internal Conflicts

One of the ongoing myths among most Western police and military organizations is their belief terrorist groups are composed of individuals who are united in hatred toward the United States or Israel. A perennial problem is our inability to grasp the nuances existing within terrorism and thus enhancing the power of these groups. Unknown assailants set off bombs early today in Gaza City outside a cafe that previously has been the scene of violence. The explosions were not caused by Israeli agents, but arose from internal disputes within Hamas. Gaza has been the scene of internal Palestinian violence, some of it carried out by fundamentalists who oppose what they see as signs of Western cultural encroachment. In recent years, unknown groups have firebombed internet cafes, music stores and Christian institutions. The bombings typically come late at night.

It is important for Israel and those who seek peace in the Middle East to acknowledge all organizations have internal disputes. There are people within Hamas or Hizbullah who most probably seek some sort of reconciliation with the West and want to end violence. It is important to reach out to these groups because they may well represent an important factor in achieving peace in the region.