Hamas–Fatah –Friends Again?

During the past half century, Arab nations have repeatedly blundered in efforts to secure peace with Israel due to divisions and conflicts within their ranks. The ongoing dispute between Hamas and Fatah for leadership of Palestinians has harmed efforts to present a united front to the Israel government. Egypt has been working assiduously to repair the division, and there are signs both groups are ready to cooperate in efforts at peace in the Middle East. Hamas leader Khalid Mishal told the media, “we have made great strides towards achieving reconciliation.” Hamas is under great pressure from both Saudi Arabia and Egypt to agree to the existence of Israel and to promise an end to armed hostilities. Unless those basic principles are accepted there is no hope Israel would accept Hamas as a serious partner in peace negotiation.

Azzam al-Ahmed, a senior Fatah official emphasized, “we urge Hamas to sign it(peace accord)so that we can begin implementing the agreement” for cooperating in the quest for peace with Israel. It is time to move forward and cease dwelling on the past.