Hamas Gains Rocket Cease Fire Agreement

Hamsas has persuaded other militant groups to cease their rocket fire into Israel which only results in retaliation and ruins any opportunities for achieving peace in the region. Nearly twelve months have passed since the destructive Israel invasion of Gaza which left the entire area devastated. There is little question of extensive debate occurring within Hamas as to the best route to pursue in dealing with Israel or Fatah. President Abbas has repeatedly called for talks with Hamas in order to present a united front against Israel, but the response from Hamas has been delay and rhetoric about fighting against the “Zionist enemy.” The only hope for peace is a united Fatah and Hamas, but until that is achieved, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu can delay and obfuscate.

Another positive sign are reports that Hamas is willing to enter into negotiations over the captured Israel soldier, Gilad Shalit. Reports suggest Hamas might free him in exchange for hundreds of imprisoned Palestinians. Reality is there must be peace with Israel if there is to be any hope of achieving the goals of Palestinians for an independent nation.