Hamas Gets Wish–Death And Destruction

Hamas leaders finally have obtained their wish–death and destruction reigned down on Gaza as over a hundred people were killed in Israel air strikes including dozens of security personnel along with dozens of innocent civilians. Hamas has been daring the Israel government for weeks to attack Gaza and threatening to cause havoc on any invasion on the assumption it could damage Israel forces in the same way as did Hizbullah in Lebanon. Unfortunately, for Hamas and the civilian population of Gaza, there are no mountain defenses to offer protection against Israel air attacks. It is estimated about 120 people were killed and more than 250 were wounded as Israel planes demolished dozens of Hamas security compounds across Gaza.

Hamas got what it wanted. Its nonstop rocket attacks provoked an air attack that resulted not only in the death of security personnel, but of innocent civilians. Hamas leaders knew it was impossible for an Israel government on the eve of elections to allow their nation to be subjected to rocket attacks without responding. Hamas promised retaliation in the form of more rocket attacks and suicide bombers. “Hamas will continue resistance until the last drop of blood.” Of course, it is unclear if the last drop of blood means Hamas leaders or Gaza civilians.

This blog supports the Palestinian right to the West Bank and the right of Palestinians to their own nation. We believe the wall separating Israel from Arab areas must be torn down. But, Hamas policies of resorting to rocket attacks have demolished the arguments of Palestinians they seek peace through peaceful means. No nation can allow its civilians to be bombed without doing something. Once again, Hamas has damaged forces of peace in Israel by its blunders and inept policies.