Hamas Hypocrisy Hampers Peace In Gaza

The world was justifiably shocked by the over reaction of the Israel Defense Force to rocket attacks from Gaza, and the result was extensive sympathy for the Palestinian people who are caught in the middle of fighting that seems to go on and on. After a cease fire was arranged and the IDF evacuated most of Gaza, the idiots in charge of Hamas decided to resume rocket attacks in order to prove they were not “beaten.” At least fifteen rockets landed in Israel including two that came down near kindergartens. What exactly is the goal of Hamas– to provoke another IDF attack so they can shout to the world that Israel is using force? Is the goal of Hamas to see hundreds more innocent Palestinians die in order to display dead bodies in order to obtain world sympathy?

Members of the Israel government already are demanding retaliation which means more bombings, more civilians dead and more opportunities for Hamas leaders to get good photo ops by the world press. If Hamas pursues this course of action it will lose world sympathy and lend support to the Israel argument about extensive bombing of Gaza.

This writer condemns the excessive use of force by the IDF in Gaza and the refusal of Israel to open border crossings. However, there can be no defense of recent Hamas actions which are provocative and seek to create more war and death. Does anyone in charge of Hamas give a darn about the Palestinian people?