Hamas In Fantasy Land Hails Great Victory!

Senior Hamas leader, Ismail Haniya, said the Gaza war with Israel was an outstanding success and accomplished the goals his party had set for a confrontation with Israel. “God has granted us a great victory, not for one faction, or party, or area, but for our entire people.” In this Alice in Wonderland interpretation of reality, the Hamas leader insisted, “we have stopped aggression and the enemy has failed to achieve any of its goals.” It is difficult to understand if Haniya knows he is spouting nonsense or whether he is so deluded as to believe having Israel kill 1,300 people, including hundreds of innocent civilians, and destroying about 70% of secret tunnels and killing hundreds of Hamas soldiers somehow amounts to a “victory.” Were Hamas goals that hundreds of civilians should be killed and most of its tunnels destroyed?

Perhaps, Hamas leaders can explain why firing ineffectual rockets into Israel played a role in provoking an Israel invasion leads to “victory.” Israel has committed war crimes against the innocent civilian population, but Hamas has also committed war crimes against the civilians it was supposed to protect. Placing weapons amidst civilian populations which Hamas knew would result in Israel bombing hardly constitutes a “victory” unless the goals of Hamas were to have hundreds of civilians killed.

  • Yaakov Sullivan

    I believe Hamas won the war because they still alive and kicking. As a recent gay convert to Islam I am proud to say that my prediction was right. Israel lost the war. MY husband is from Gaza and his family is OK, inshallah.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I believe the 1,300 Gazans who died lost the war. Up the Irish!