Hamas Indicates Ready To Accept Egyptian Proposal

High level Hamas officials indicated they were prepared to give serious consideration to an Egyptian proposal which seeks to end the division among Palestinians leaders. The Hamas delegation represented individuals from Syria and Gaza as well as other regions, and they discussed issues with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. Khalil al-Haya, a Gaza based member, said, “We in Hamas accept that elections are on the table for discussion. Fatah, which is headed by President Abbas, has been pushing for simultaneous elections on the West Bank as well as in Gaza. The Hamas representatives also agreed it was time for both their organization and Fatah to finally sit down and resolve their differences.

At the heart of any Hamas-Fatah agreement is the need for Hamas to agree that Israel is a viable nation and it is time to accept that reality. A united Palestinian government would be a powerful group to negotiate an agreement with Israel because even moderate Israelis will not trust Hamas until it publicly abandons it view that Israel must be destroyed.