Hamas Leader Offers Truce

Exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, who has been living in Senegal, said he is ready to support a truce between his group and Israel if the Israel government agrees to an immediate end to air attacks and is willing to end its blockade of Gaza lift all restrictions on the free movement of supplies. The Senegalese foreign ministry said: “The Hamas leader said he was ready to sign such a deal in a place chosen by both parties by mutual consent.” Under the proposal offered by the Hamas leader, his group would enforce an end to rocket attacks on Israel in exchange for an end to the Gaza blockade.

This blog has been urging for months such an agreement because it is the only logical way to handle the situation. The people of Gaza are entitled to free movement of supplies just as the people of Israel are entitled to an end of rocket attacks on their population. A compromise means both sides obtain some of their demands and Gaza is in need of an immediate compromise in order to save lives.