Hamas Leader Says No To Israel

The world contains too many organizations which prefer living in the past and this attitude is continually found in Israel and among some Palestinians. Number two leader in Hamas, Abu Marzouk gave an interview to Larry Cohler-Esser who works for the Jewish Daily Forward. He bluntly told the Jewish reporter that “we will not recognize Israel as a state.” His main argument is that during the war for Independence in 1948 thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee and their land seized by the Israel government.

There is no doubt thousands were forced to flee by the Israel army, and thousands were encouraged to flee by Muslim leaders. Of course about  750,000 Jews living in Muslim nations were also forced to flee. The issue is moving past the past and focusing on the present. An intelligent Israel government  would support the Palestinian Authority which seeks genuine peace and will recognize the state of Israel. It makes sense working with Muslim leaders who want to forget the past and concentrate on today and tomorrow.