Hamas Offer For End to Bombings Refused

Israel rejected an offer by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas to cease all terror attacks including curtailing rocket firing in exchange for reopening of the crossings into the Gaza Strip. He said Hamas is willing to implement this plan immediately and asked Israel to cooperate, but his offer was refused.

The Iran Daily reported today that a “senior Hamas Official” said his party was willing to withdraw from power and enter a Palestinian coalition government headed by an independent person not affiliated with either Fatah or Hamas. He said Hamas does not wish to control the Gaza Strip and will return all government facilities to a new government.

Israel, once again, has bought into the dictum of no negotiation with terrorists. So far, this policy has been a complete failure in assuring the people of Israel opportunities to live in peace and security. Ireland experienced a bloody civil war that raged for decades, but finally the English government sat down with terrorists and created the present peaceful coalition government.

We at The Impudent Observer are aware of the bloody record of Hamas. We do not consider its leaders to have engaged in peaceful protest, but, if they are ready to talk, take advantage of the offer and explore it. Frankly, Hamas has a mess on its hands in the Gaza Strip and wants to find a way out. The Gaza Strip can be a source of terrorism or it can move into a peaceful relationship with Israel.