Hamas Plays With Fire Of Gaza Invasion

Hamas is attempting to present itself as the guardian of violent opposition to Israel in order to assume a position of importance in the Palestinian world. Undoubtedly, influenced by Israeli military problems in the invasion of Lebanon, Hamas officials are presenting themselves as not afraid of any Israel armed invasion of Gaza. Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas official, noted: “For three years we’ve been hearing comments about an Israeli invasion into the Gaza Strip. Israel is like a teenager who begins to smoke, chokes, then stops.” Hamas insists Israel failed to carry out the truce agreement that Gaza crossings would be open for commerce and goods. Hamas has issued a dare to israel to try and invade.

Hamas is misunderstanding the reluctance of Israel officials to respond with an armed invasion. Prime Minister Olmert sincerely seeks to make an agreement with Palestine leaders, but Olmert will soon be gone and there are other voices in Israel who are ready to take up the dare. If Gaza is invaded, thousands of innocent people will suffer.

  • Ayah

    wanna know who are the real terrorists. its the fuckin jews stupid ass zionists hope yall burn in hell. how can u live with ur self destorying families villages and little children…cant wait to see u guys burn in hell!!! for the thousands of lives u take..hamas missle kills one person and they wanna go ahead and massacre and kill everyone in Gaza… Wake up bastards u guys arent no chosen people..its just GODS plan to put you all in PALESTINE (not isreal) and kill you all at once. its a big gathering for ur graves u ass holes!!

  • rachelle


  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    It is statements such as those by Ayah which reflect the failure of leadership among Palestinians.
    1. In 1948, Arabs were given everything they NOW DESIRE BY THE UN partition plan.
    2. No nation of Palestine was created in 1948. As you recall, Jordan seized the West Bank and Egypt took over the Negev.
    3. In 2001, President Clinton’s compromise which Israel accepted gave Arafat about 90% of what he desired. He turned it down and resorted to violence.
    4. If you want to go back further, in the 1920s and 1930s, most Jewish leaders in Palestine accepted the idea of one state but Arab leaders rejected that and instituted pogroms which killed hundreds of Jews.

    Insulting people makes you feel powerful and justified. Exactly how does that help the people of Palestine? The difference between you and I is I care about Palestinians and want them to enjoy their own country and peace.

  • groth

    1. There is no real desire among Muslim and Arab nations for peace between Israel and Palestine. There is no real desire to for a free Pallestine State–as long as Palestine remains an open wound terrorist groups and Muslim hardliners have something to war against.
    2. The Palestine people chose Hamas to rule their government–a terrorist group that uses populated neighborhoods to shield their mortar and rocket attacks into Israel–Hamas proceeds to kill Jews in Isreal with the blessing of the Pallestine people even during cease fires and periods of peace.
    3. What is going in Gaza is exactly what Hamas wants. Gaza shells Isreal the Jews respond and when they do, the Arab world screams murder. And the media is stupid enough to buy it.
    4. If Palestine REALLY wanted peace, which I don’t think it does, it would boot Hamas, stop the bombings and the suicide bombers and then the walls would come down and there would be no need for raids or invasions. But that won’t happen because the Muslim world does not want peace in Palestine–

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    You assume that only Israel wants peace. Of course, most Israelis want peace, but so do Palestinians. Israel has its right wing terrorists who want war. Mistakes have been made.