Hamas: Prepared To Ask Egyptian Help

Al-Ahram obtained a secret document which supposedly indicates Hamas leaders in the Gaza strip are prepared to turn over all security matters and control of the border to Egyptian military authorities until such time as a unified Palestinian government can be organized. Although the situation is quiet for the moment, Fatah supporters in the Gaza strip continue to obey orders from President Abbas not to work with Hamas and to conduct public prayer meetings in defiance of the Hamas government which has banned them. Ibrahim Abdul Naja, spokesperson for Fatah said:”We will not dialogue with Hamas unless it retracts from its overthrow of legitimacy.”

The internal situation among Palestinian leaders is in complete confusion. Perhaps, the alleged offer by Hamas offers a beginning process to resolve these internal problems. Allow Egyptian soldiers to handle internal issues in Gaza and control border crossings. the next step is for Hamas to agree to participate with President Abbas in his discussions with Israel officials. At some point, Hamas must accept reality — Israel is not going to disappear and the only way out is negotiations.