Hamas Reaches Out To Europe While Israel Burns Itself

A new government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as the Israel people turned to right wing demagogues even as Hamas is reaching out to Europeans and putting on the face of compromise. Ahmed Yussef, a political advisor to the Hamas Foreign Ministry, revealed his group has been in contact with Norway and other European nations who are urging his organization to renounce violence and work for peace with Israel. A French official has been working with Hamas leaders in Gaza in an effort to secure the release of Israeli soldier, Gilad Schalit. Hamas is finally realizing with Israel digging deep into its bunker, Europeans will welcome any group that comes across as desiring peace in the Middle East.

The key issue for Hamas is whether it will accept the concept of recognizing Israel as a legitimate state. If they are willing to make that commitment, it would not be difficult to become accepted by European nations as a legitimate force. Meanwhile, Israel has decided to go with right wing haters like Avigdor Lieberman who does not wish to recognize the right of a Palestinian state. It is not beyond the stretch of imagination for Europe to be on the side of Palestine and Hamas while Israel remains buried in its bunker mentality of denial.

Barack Obama wants peace in the Middle East. Hopefully, Israelis will finally grasp that Obama is not George Bush.